Sand Sculpture Fun at VISIBLE

Sand Sculpture Fun at VISIBLE in Streaky Bay

Young people and those who are young at heart can partake in a summer sand experience like no other between 2–8 January 2019.

The District Council of Streaky Bay will collaborate with Sandstorm Events to deliver the innovative Ingrained: Ephemeral Eco Art Project across 6 days of sand sculpting fun for locals and visitors to the region.

Sandstorm Events is Australia’s leading Sand Sculpting Company located in Melbourne and for the past 15 years have created over 3,000 sand sculptures of exceptional quality and beauty for the Australian public to view through their annual large scale sand sculpting exhibitions , have worked for over 350 corporate clients including Disney, DreamWorks, Air New Zealand, Uncle Toby’s, Greenpeace and Universal Pictures and held hands on school holiday programs for councils and shopping centres all throughout Australia.

Participants will have a sensory experience like no other and kindle a love of the beach through shared creative artmaking led by Master Sculptor Peter Redmond.

With a background in graphic design and illustration, Peter started carving sand in 2006 after discovering a love for the art medium. Since 2006 Peter has honed his skills and has worked steadily around Australia on over 100 Sand Sculpting jobs including working at festivals, events, shopping centres and smaller corporate promotions. Peter’s easy-going nature and passion for sand sculpting makes him a natural to pass his skills onto the next generation of sand sculptors in Australia.

Peter Redmond, Master Sculptor says “It never ceases to amaze me; the delight people get from being exposed to our creative art form. Sand Sculpting has the ability to enthral people of all ages and all backgrounds.  I am blessed to have a vocation that l am truly passionate about and am looking forward to creating sand magic in Streaky Bay this coming summer as part of VISIBLE.”

The project will be delivered at the historic old Campbell’s Landing site, Eyre Avenue right on the spectacular Streaky Bay foreshore.

The project has several elements that offers something for everyone:


Thursday 3–Tuesday 8 January 2019, 8am-8pm

  • Master Sculptor working at various times weather permitting
  • You will be captivated and enthralled as you witness a massive sand sculpture installation take shape


Wednesday 2 January 2019, 9am–12pm

  • With 3 places left up for grabs the project aims to invest in artists living in the region offering an opportunity in professional development, creative sharing and a potential career pathway.
  • What you need to know:
    • Beginners class basic tricks and tools in sand sculpting (3 hours)
    • Expressions of Interest are still open!!!


Tuesday 8 January 2019, Sessions at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm

  • Workshops in Sand Art (45 mins) and Sand Bottles (20 mins)
  • Open to ages 4 yrs and over (7 yrs and under to be accompanied by a caregiver or adult)
  • Workshop times are weather permitting and notification of alternate times via online registration portal


Wednesday 9 January – Friday 26 April 2019, all day every day

Come along, have a blast and interact with our sand sculpture on our OPEN DAYS:

  • Wednesday 9–Sunday 13 Jan 2019, 10am–12pm
  • Australia Day, 26 January 2019, 10am–12pm and;
  • Sunday 14 April 2019, 10am–2pm

Take a selfie or three and don’t forget to post them tagging @streakybay on Instagram and Facebook with all your great feedback.

Travis Barber, Mayor, District Council of Streaky Bay says, “This project will attract people across the entire community and aims to provide a fun activity that brings economic benefits to the region. We acknowledge the successful funding we received from the Australian Government through the Building Better Regions Fund which made the project possible.  We hope that the event will encourage increased tourism and participation in the region.”


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The District Council of Streaky Bay acknowledges the support and funding of the Australian Government through the Building Better Regions Fund and the support of the VISIBLE team, Streaky Bay Tourism and Sandstorm Events.

The Ingrained project is a part of VISIBLE: a joint initiative of Streaky Bay Tourism & the District Council of Streaky Bay in partnership with the communities of the Streaky Bay region.