#streakybay social media campaign


Streaky Bay Tourism is excited to announce a THINK.EXPLORE.KNOW #streakybay social media campaign supported by woof media and the District Council of Streaky Bay using social media, specifically Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Their goal is to invite locals and visitors to help capture, excite and inspire people to visit the Streaky Bay region.

Streaky Bay Tourism invite keen photographers and Instagrammers to be a part of it and it’s so easy!

Encourage visitors and locals to get on board with the campaign by taking great great photos and tagging and posting their pics.

Get busy using the #streakybay placards (available in local businesses and the Visitor Information Centre at 21 Bay Road  from 30 January 2017) in your pics or perhaps make your own #streakybay placards for display and in images with your business logo and branding.

Add destination, tourism, food campaign and experience #hashtags to your images and Instagram away!

The THINK.EXPLORE.KNOW #streakybay Instagram competition will offer up six more $100 prizes between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.

You get the chance to win 1 of six $100 cash prizes for the 6 winning images by posting your great pics on Instagram and following THREE.STEPS.

  • ONE.Tag your images with #streakybay
  • TWO.Tag Streaky Bay Tourism @streakybay
  • THREE.Link your Instagram with your fb and twitter *optional

Streaky Bay Tourism may then share the images on the Instagram ‘Hall of Fame’ at www.streakybay.com.au

Entry is free an unlimited and costs nothing but your time.

Jayne Holland, President, Streaky Bay Tourism says, “Social media is very impactful in raising awareness of your region to people across the globe.  Tourism Australia research shows that international visitors are more likely to book and travel to Australia after being excited by stunning images of destinations and experiences in Australia.  We want locals and visitor with a love of photography and our region to help us reach out to potential visitors with their amazing images.”

So come on let’s promote the #streakybay region and perhaps share your business with others through a picture that tells a thousand words!

Streaky Bay Tourism and partners will promote the campaign through the visitor guide, website and on social and print media to highlight the campaign and showcase the region…Watch this space!


Feature images: @chelegil and Dale Montgomerie