Baird Bay

Baird Bay, a small fishing village south of Streaky Bay, offers that little extra for those seeking seclusion for bushwalking, bird watching, camping and fishing.

Situated on the shallow western arm of Anxious Bay, a sheltered inlet lined by cliffs and beaches, the entrance to the 3800-hectare long and narrow bay is protected by Jones Island and limestone reefs.

The narrow waterway in front of the settlement is known as the channel. These remote waters are excellent for recreational fishing and water-based activities.


The bay and township are named after James Baird, who settled on the shores of Anxious Bay in 1850 before being speared by local Aboriginals on 2 November 1850.

Matthew Flinders sailed past in 1802 but was unable to see the bay; he saw only the mouth (entrance) and Jones Island.

Baird Bay is teeming with marine life and offers opportunity to swim with sea lions and dolphins on an organised tour. This interactive tour is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Baird Bay Ocean and Eco Experience

35 Baird Bay Road, Baird Bay

08 8626 5017

Image: Sealions April 2015 Image Credit: John Montesi


A small Council camping ground is located on the left-hand side as you come into Baird Bay, offering low-key basic amenities. (A link back to the nature based camping guide).


Baird Bay is 50km south of Streaky Bay. Travel on the Flinders Highway (sealed) for approximately 25km. Turn left onto Baird Bay Road (unsealed road). Travel past the Calca settlement crossroads for approximately another 25km to Baird Bay.