Breathtaking Streaky Bay welcomes visitors from around the world like no other destination in Australia.

One of South Australia’s emerging ‘must visit’ regions Streaky Bay has pristine natural wonders, endless sandy beaches, countless fishing spots, spectacular coastline, warm and friendly locals and a charming persona all its own.

Here’s a whole lot of experiences to get you started !



Locals have a real connection to place and proudly acknowledge how naturally beautiful the region is. #streakybay #streakybaynaturallybeautiful #comestayplaystreakybay  #best place on earth

So come join us, get out there and explore the region!

  • Community Information Officer
  • Streaky Bay Visitor Centre
  • 21 Bay Road
  • 08 8626 7033

Refer to the District and Town maps for directions to all locations.

Our place is a place for footprints and memories…Please take your rubbish with you when you leave.