Fishing & Beaches

Can you picture yourself floating motionless in an isolated glassy bay or bathing in the light of a serene sunset?

Or landing the ‘big one’ off a surf beach, jetty or rig? 

Streaky Bay has ‘plenty’ of fishing and beach experiences on offer at stunning locations around our coastline.

Species you can catch from over 18 different locations in the region are: King George Whiting Snapper, Tommy Ruff (herring), Salmon, Salmon Trout,  Mullet, Flathead, Flounder, Blue Swimmer Crab, Squid, Sweep, Garfish, Snook, Mulloway, Shark, Tuna and Kingfish.

Our beautiful beach locations are diverse and  many offering a range of activities, attractions and services.

Want to know where that ‘perfect place’ is?


  • Community Information Officer
  • Streaky Bay Visitor Information Centre
  • 21 Bay Road
  • 08 8626 7033

Refer to the District and Town maps for directions to all locations.

Our place is a place for footprints and memories…Please take your rubbish with you when you leave.


Feature image: Megan Eramiha