The small town of Poochera is a strategic grain-receival centre for the farmers in the area whose main products are grain and livestock. The name Poochera comes from an Aboriginal derivation of King Poojeeri, a local king who died in 1917.

If visiting Poochera, please don’t step on the dinosaurs! Dinosaur ants are very rare and were discovered at Poochera in 1977 by Dr. Robert Taylor.

Listed on the Australian Heritage Commission National Estate Register, scientists from all over the world have visited Poochera to study these primitive creatures. They are extremely timid, nocturnal, only 1cm in length and a golden honey colour.

Not only is it the world’s most primitive living ant, it is the second most primitive creature, even when fossil records are included.

Check out the Giant Dinosaur Ant at Anniversary Park in the town centre.

Poochera is also a western gateway to the magnificent Gawler Ranges National Park. The Ranges are accessible by 2-wheel-drive vehicle.


Poochera offers take-away food from the Hotel, as well as EFTPOS and community mail postal facilities. Generally open from Monday to Sunday, opening hours can vary between 7–8am and 9pm depending on the time of the year.


Poochera is 61.4km northeast of Streaky Bay on the Eyre Highway – National Highway, a journey of approximately 53 minutes. Travel northeast from Streaky Bay on the Flinders (7.1km) and Streaky Bay Highways (53.3km) to Poochera. To travel the distance of 53km to the Gawler Ranges National Park, drive a short distance northeast from Poochera on the Eyre Highway – National Highway and turn left onto the Princes Highway.