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Can you pronounce Nothornyrmecia macrops?

The Poochera Museum has some very interesting displays and facts about the rare dinosaur ants.  The ants, previously thought extinct, were discovered at Poochera in 1977. In 1931 two dinosaur ants were found near Esperance, but despite searches no more were found until 1995.  Seventy-four Eyre Peninsula locations were surveyed, and the ant was found at 17 of these.

They frequent ‘old growth’ mallee woodland. Worker dinosaur ants are distinctive, with pale yellow colour, large eyes, elongated mandibles and a sting – not likely to be confused with other Australian ants.  Workers are predatory, taking live prey. Unlike other ants, they tolerate low temperatures and forage alone after dusk, navigating between ant nests and trees using the tree canopy like a map.

The Poochera Museum houses an interesting display of relics from the pioneering days.  Of particular interest is Pete’s Shack, built from flattened kerosene tins.  It was relocated from the western end of town and restored by the museum.


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