What are Razorfish and how can I catch them?

Razor fish are a shellfish that can be harvested from the seabed around the sandy blue line at low tide.

When harvesting on foot or in a boat it is reccommended to use razor tongs and wear protective footwear and gloves.

Razorfish are popular eaten cooked or pickled in jars.  The heart is similiar to a small scallop and is used for bait to lure the King George Whiting.

You cannot buy Razorfish commercially.

Razorfish Facts

  • Minimum legal length: no minimum legal length
  • Personal daily bag limit: 25
  • Possession limit: 100
  • Daily boat limit: 75
  •  PIRSA is responsible for all beaches below high tide mark
  • The District Council of Streaky Bay has signage at five beaches to educate fishermen about the reccommended disposal of Razorfish.  Razorfish shells should not be discarded on beaches.