Sceale Bay

Sceale Bay (pronounced Scale) is a popular destination for ‘locals’ and visitors for fishing and holiday recreation.

It is a fast growing popular town in the district. Over the summer months and school holidays, the population can easily treble.

Captain Bloomfield named the township Yanera in 1888 after a former Royal Navy companion of his.

Sceale Bay boasts many magnificent secluded beaches for fishing and swimming.

Surfers Beach is a very popular swimming and beginners surfing beach in the summer months, with no rips and quite shallow. Drive along the beach or access from the Lookout.

It is a great place for kids to swim, surf and play safely. South of Sceale Bay is Searcy Bay with many splendid bays and beaches, one of which is secluded Heart Bay (named for its resemblance to a heart shape) where you can fish, snorkel and just relax.

A jetty was built in 1910 to load grain and wool to ship to Port Adelaide. Cargo such as farm equipment, fencing materials, super and corn sacks were also unloaded. The jetty was pulled down in 1972 despite local opposition. The then Department of Marine and Harbours considered the necessary repairs too costly.


Toilets, covered shelter, as well as a concrete boat ramp. Sceale Bay is in close proximity to Point Labatt and Murphys Haystacks


Sceale Bay is 32km south of Streaky Bay on the sealed Sceale Bay Road. Sceale Bay is in close proximity to Point Labatt and Murphy’s Haystacks.

Feature Image: Surfers Beach, Sceale Bay Image credit: RDAWEP under licensed copyright