Streaky Bay is RV Friendly

The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) is today pleased to officially declare Streaky Bay as an RV Friendly Town™.

By creating a partnership between recreational vehicle (RV) tourists and the towns they visit, CMCA aims to maximise the value of self-contained RV tourists to both metropolitan and regional Australia.

In order to qualify for the program, towns must successfully meet the needs of self-contained RV travellers and satisfy key criteria including:

  • Access to a general shopping area
  • Provision of appropriate low cost overnight parking for self-contained vehicles
  • Access to potable water and a free dump point.

With these amenities in place, RV tourists can access any RV Friendly Town™ in the knowledge they will be welcomed and well looked after. In return, CMCA supports all towns with RV Friendly status through promotion to CMCA members and the broader self-contained RV community.

According to CMCA Chairman, Garry Lee, the CMCA RV Friendly Town™ network makes a significant contribution to the RV Tourism market in Australia

“As the value of RV tourism becomes widely accepted, CMCA has more than 270 towns across Australia with RV Friendly status” Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee also pointed out that the CMCA RV Friendly Town™ network is one of a number of CMCA initiatives providing accommodation options for self-contained RV travellers, the fastest growing segment of the RV tourism market

For Streaky Bay, joining the RV Friendly Town™ network will deliver direct benefits to the local business community.  Streaky Bay will be promoted to RV travellers across Australia through the CMCA club magazine The Wanderer, and through the CMCA website and social media. With the self-contained RV tourism market estimated to be worth more than $2.5 billion annually, Streaky Bay is now well-positioned to access this lucrative tourism market.

The number of registered RVs in Australia is expected to grow to more than 700,000 vehicles by 2020. As more baby boomers enter the market, regional Australia in particular, will benefit from this extraordinary growth. These tourists do not just deliver economic benefits but also support communities through volunteer involvement.  They are some of the most environmentally friendly drive tourists in Australia.

Being an RV Friendly Town, Streaky Bay has the opportunity to promote the region’s attractions and capture a part of this massive growth market. Through a combination of social media and word of mouth RV tourists will quickly let their fellow travellers know what a great place Streaky Bay is to visit and experience what it is that makes this town unique.