Streaky Bay tourism guide more accessible

Streaky Bay Tourism has released the 2017 edition of the popular Streaky Bay printed and digital visitor guide.  In partnership with Woof Media the new Streaky Bay guide has now been adapted for use on tablet devices and mobile phones.

The volunteer tourism association launched the printed guide in January 2017 opting to print 20,000 copies to extend the life of the guide and provide optimal value for the guides advertisers.

Jayne Holland, President, Streaky Bay Tourism says, “In partnership with Woof Media we now offer the guide in print, mobile and as an online flip-book.  The Streaky Bay region now has an innovative guide which is accessible in several ways to cater for every type of traveller.  In addition our website and social media platforms are easily accessible, interactive and user friendly.  Our website is performing above expectation and the social media campaign launched in early January has sparked high interest to raise awareness of our region.  As a not or profit association of passionate volunteers we believe we have ‘kicked a goal’ in updating and strategically placing our current marketing content to capture and bring visitors to the Streaky Bay region.”

Ms Holland says, “We sincerely thank our partners and the advertisers who invested in this year’s visitor guide.  With their valuable support we have completed a 20,000 print and reached new heights in our online accessibility.  It’s great to know that our entire community is supportive of providing visitors with many ways to access the latest information bringing them to the Streaky Bay region for an unforgettable visitor experience.”

Peter Freeman, Director of Digital at Woof Media says,  “Delivering amazing experiences that visitors want to talk about AND making it easy for them to find and share those experience is the secret to successful tourism marketing”.

“It’s a credit to Streaky Bay’s tourism association and their members who have embraced a culture of innovation to give their visitors the best chance to find and enjoy those amazing experiences.”

To access the FREE mobile friendly guide SMS streakybay to 0475 111 222.

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